One More and That's 200!

For all those folks that have kept tally of the amazing writings I have contributed to the world, this one is number 199! It's going to be pretty hard to come up with something to write about that would seem suitable for such a milestone. Perhaps I'll just post something I'd written years ago. Yeah, that would be a great way to cheat everyone. Or maybe something worthy of mentioning will come my way. Only I will know for sure. Guess I should get on with the writing that I intended to do when I started this.

Once again my Sunday consisted of reliving elementary school gym class. This time 'round we got the chance to play some wiffleball. Unfortunately it was the only weekend we got to do so. Unfortunatelier only 2 other people from my team, The Judge Said This or AA, showed up. We were going to take part in a double-header and before showing up I felt confident we would finally get to add a win to our standings. I don't like to brag, but my wiffleball skills are pretty well honed. I took part in many a wiffling as a young lad turning into a young man turning into a man. That sounds so wrong. I should say that I've seen my share of white balls. No. That's just getting worse. I've played a lot of wiffleball. Finally!

Since we only had three players we had to forfeit to a team that, honestly, looked like these Sunday sports are the only joy they get in their lives due to their severe physical disabilities. The worst part was that had one more female shown up for us we could have played and easily won. No, I am mistaken. The worst part was having to use the players from that team to be able to play our second game. My teammates and I tried our best to win, but the "dunderheads", as they were called, were of no help. No matter how much effort we put into it, we just couldn't do it all ourselves.

To add insult to injury we told the dunderheads that we would play for them as a trade-off for their "assistance". Somehow we won this game. The members of TJSTOAA tried to half-ass it as they had done during our game, but our competitive nature would not allow this. The dunderheads finally woke up from the mentally retarded states and knew how to field the ball. I can honestly say that we were an integral part in their win. We were the only ones that could hit. Our first inning up we scored 9 runs. We would have hit the 10 run limit, but the dunderheads still couldn't hit.

The whole ordeal was very frustrating. We should have won one, if not both, our games, but because of our attendance issues we had to take another two losses. All we have left are two games of dodgeball, and our dodgeballing skills are not what they could have been if we were all ten years younger.

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