Kharma: The Ultimate Equalizer

I had to go to the doctor today because the oddities of my body never seem to cease. I had a few hours of sleep, I was slightly hungover, and was running incredibly late due to the ridiculous state of what is widely known as "rush hour," but it would more properly be described as a CO2 manufacturing plant. My appearance was, to say the least, disheveled. I'm not worried about my appearance in these kinds of times. Doctor's expect you to look like shit, otherwise you would not be there.

The doc was an elderly, white guy. Who do I have to impress with dashing good looks? I didn't see the elderly, white guy though, I saw the attractive med student. This doesn't happen too often. I'm sitting in a tiny room with her and going over some things I'd rather not tell a woman like that. She then leaves and gets elderly, white guy to get his opinion. He walks in and brings an even more beautiful med student in tow. What kind of bad luck is that? Was I experiencing the bad luck due to the unbelievable good luck I had in finding a parking spot right in front of the building without having to pay for it?

I've also got a bug bite on my little toe. And it's quite itchy.

Completely Unrelated
I goof off with MySpace quite a bit, comes in handy when I can't sleep which is a much of the time lately. I was doing this survey for a friend when it suddenly got all philosophical and asked me my thoughts on life. This is what I came up with:
Life is like a box. You just hope everyone that comes in contact with it keeps it with the "this side up" arrow going the right way.
Why did I choose to share this? Because 1) I'm surprised I came up with that so quickly since I really like it, and 2) I like to show off my brilliance. I am amazing.

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