I'm Slacking

190 posts and it took over a month to write. Will it live up to expectations? Most likely not. Expectations are tough to deal with. Sometimes they get really high and then the expectator feels let down that what he thought was going to happen was no where near as cool. Other times you just don't care and then some awesome shit happens and you're completely blown away! This post will most likely fall into the first category.

Let's recap some of the happenings of the last month, shall we?

July 4th: Went to a friend's beach house and spent some time on the sand. It was a good drunken time. Unfortunately for us there was bit too much drunken and not enough sense of feeling to catch all the sand fleas that ended up eating the shit out of our arms and legs. I even got one on my neck. That fucker could jump!

I'm sure there were some things that happened in between my last post, 6/13, and July 4th, but it's just not coming to me right now.

July 6th - 11th: Flew to Massachusetts to visit the family up there. Lots of family togetherness due to the fact that I haven't seen them in three long years. The highlight of the trip was a tour of Fenway Park, where the Red Sox kick it. I'd done the tour a number of years ago, but it's always cool to just walk around the park without having to deal with the thousands of fans that would normally be there during a game. Photos of the trip and the tour can be seen on my Flickr account. Here's a quick access click to it for those who don't want to wade through the hundreds of other photos.

July 13th - aka "My Birthday": I was still pretty tired from the trip, apparently people don't like it when you sleep into the afternoon all the time. However, it was still an unforgettable experience for me. I went out to dinner at Applebee's with the family (No, they didn't sing to me) and then later went to 6th Street Bar and Grill for the usual Thursday night gathering of karaoke and drinking. No, I don't sing, but others do. Although, this night was not the usual routine. Not even close. I was told to be there at 9:30 to meet everyone, although nearly everyone ended up being late. A few guys were there so I wasn't all alone folks, no need to feel bad. Actually, it will all make sense in a second. So time passes and we're sitting, drinking, doing, people wishing me happy birthday and all that. 10:15, or so, rolls around and my buddy gets a phone call. He wanders away for a bit and comes back. Another call, this time he's missing for a while. I'm sitting there, drinking my own business, and suddenly a clan of ninjas descend upon me with assorted colored weapons of death shouting! It's hard to recognize them, but suddenly one shouts "Happy Birthday!" and I get shot in the head with a Nerf dart. The buddy that had disappeared is standing with a camera capturing the moment. Unbeknownst to me, my girlfriend had talked everyone into dressing like a ninja to surprise me. To clear up any confusion, it was definitely a surprise. She then tied a black shirt around my head and the group sang "Kung-Fu Fighting". Actually, I didn't hear too much singing. It was more like giggling. I, of course, just stood up there pretending to sing. The ninja mask covered it up nicely. Of course there are a number of pictures documenting the night. Many that I have yet to see from others, but here are my pics posted on my great Flickr account.

That has pretty much covered the last month. There's a number of other things I could add in, but it's either smaller events or things that I wish to keep private from the internets. One thing I will say though, is that when you have a beard people will tell you that you look like a number of different celebrities and personalities. I'll get to that another time though.

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