30 Days

In that amount of time I will be 25 years of age. Quarter of a century. Two and a half decades. Uh... 1/40 of a millennia. I'll stop here. It sure as hell doesn't seem like it's been that long. I'm sure it does for my parents, though.

Since the beginning of June I've been busy with my two classes. When I say "busy", I don't mean that I have had little time to do much else, but more that it feels like it's draining me and I just feel like it takes up a majority of my day. It's really only four hours a day, with 30 minutes in between both, but my mind's perception of that time makes it extend well beyond that.

Thankfully, next month I don't even need to go to class 'cause it's online! Which also means that I don't even have to stay in Houston during that time and I can do some traveling. Unfortunately, it's just for extended weekends. I think I will be able to have a party or two while some of the household is away though. Drunken trampolining and swimming are always good times.

Uh, so I just ran out of crap to write. Pretty tired right now so the ol' mind isn't pumping forth the thoughts it usually does. I guess that's good for you, for if I were to indeed write out all the thoughts that entered this noggin of mine it would get pretty insane very quickly. I'm talking Picasso-ear-cutting-crazy.

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