Another Clean Slate

So I had meant to do this last week when I decided to shave, but I didn't and so I'm getting around to it now. I'm curious as to what the female population feels about facial hair on a man. I know that opinions and preferences differ from woman to woman, but I thought, since I have them, that I'd post a few pics of me with and without. I also just enjoy looking at pictures of myself that I have taken.

So here we have bearded Kosmo:
sitcom hair?(1)

Here, I'm just about done, but thought I'd get the thoughts on goatees.
Almost Done Shaving

And completely clean, with the exception of some stray whiskers due to a shitty razor. Or my fault for not shaving properly, either one.
Clean Shaven

It's a good thing I'm such a handsome, fucking devil so you don't have to look at some other schmuck.

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Anonymous said...

I'd go with a slgihtly trimmed version of bearded Kosmo ;)