The Lowdown of the Main Event

For most of the day today since I came home yesterday, Tuesday, sometime around 10:30 pm I've been extremely tired. I didn't feel like I had woken up until 5 pm and it was incredibly difficult to stay up during my classes. Hopefully we didn't cover anything important because I was busy trying to keep my head up the entire time.

I guess I should write a bit about the event itself now, hm? I'll start with saying that the rep who had come to observe told the whole group that we did an excellent job. Twenty minutes, or so, before the show got underway she told me that it was already much better organized than any of the other events she's been to by that time. I spent much of the day running around telling people what to do and trying to rotate people around from those tasks that were a bit more intense than others and those that had very little work at all. It might sound like I had to make sure people were working and all that, but I don't think I could stress enough the appreciation I had for the group of people I had working with me in getting this event to run as smoothly as it did. We had eleven people in the class and a few volunteers throughout the day helping when they could. With a group this size it has been insanely difficult to get all the work done that needs to go into a venture such as this, especially with everyone taking however many other classes and working part or full-time, but we were able to pull it off. If I had the money, I'd take them all out for drinks, or if it were a more business-like setting they'd be getting fat bonuses.

Like everything in this world, little problems arose as the day wore on, but nothing that a casual passerby or attendee would have noticed. I tried to make some changes to the way some of the activities were run, but it was hard for anyone to remember the changes. The best thing to happen over the course of the day, other than the great work from my compatriots, was the response that people gave to the car. The only negative things I heard were about the engine not being big enough from folks who then went on to talk to me about the performance that their cars, or for the older folks the muscle cars they had when they were in high school, had and I just stood and nodded since I hadn't a fucking clue as to what they were saying. Thank god we had some good looking ladies around to compliment the guys as they sat in the car. It was so funny to hear one of them go up to two guys checking out the interior and say the most cliche thing I could have imagine, "You guys look good in this car." And they ate that shit right up.

We've still got a lot of stuff left that we were supposed to give away. There was one guy who just felt like we needed more and more, so the pile kept growing. We'll try to raffle some more of the stuff of, but if not I guess we just have to keep it.

I know I said I'd have some photos in my last post, but all I've got are these posted on our MySpace page. If you can find me you'll notice that my hair decided to fan out in the back for some reason. Like I didn't feel odd enough as it was having to wear a shirt with a big ass Honda logo on it, my hair had to give me shit too.

I wish my memory was better so I could regale you with some more details of the glory that was the Honda Fit event at UHD, but it's not so I can't do that. Perhaps after hearing what everyone else remembered about it tomorrow I can add to this. For now, however, I'm going to have to stop here since I can't think of any more to write about it all. I could drone on, but I want to try and keep people reading this krap.

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