It's Time To Put Up or Shut Up

I'm just starting to write this now and there are nine and a half hours left until the big Honda Fit event starts. Everything has come together, with many hiccups, with the exception of one thing and I'm not too worried about it. My teacher might be, but right now I don't really care about that. It's something that didn't need to be finalized before today so it's not going to throw a wrench in the works.
As I've been trying to write this, among doing other various tasks, it has now gotten to the nine hour mark. I need to get up in three or four hours, but I'm not tired. Had I not had to talk with some of my associates I would have dozed off at 11 when I was yawning like a cat in the sun. Over the weekend I was having intermittent feelings of nervousness and calm as I would look over the list of things I needed to do, bug my eyes out, and then slowly calm down as I completed a task. I've got a few things I need to do before the event begins, but those can't be done at this time of night. I must wait until the dawn comes, and the stores open.
I really need to wash that damn car too... I would have done it yesterday but rationalized the idea that the car would just be covered in pollen anyway, so what was the point of doing something today that could just be done in the morning. That was a dumb thing to think.
I've got a bug bite on my leg... I'm really stretching for things to write now if I've stooped to the level of mentioning the fact that I have a bug bite on my leg and it's satisfying when I scratch it even though I shouldn't. I also don't wait 45 minutes before swimming after I eat. I'm a rebel, baby!
I'll, of course, write about the event itself and hopefully have some pics to go with it.

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