T-Minus 4 Days and Whatever Other Amount of Time Is Left

The title was going to sound much better with the hours, minutes, and seconds figured out, but that'd be a lot of work and I'm trying to avoid any extra work that I don't need to deal with. So of course I am now shirking all other responsibilities to write this. Priorities, I always get them confused...
Anyway, the event I've been working on for the past few weeks (If you don't count the months before creating the whole marketing plan) is coming up fast. I'm not as nervous as I'd thought I would be at this time. Earlier in the week was much rougher. I was supposed to get all of these updates and info from my people over the weekend and I didn't get any of it. I seriously though the whole thing was going to fall to shit right then and there. It has turned around incredibly well though.
The only times of gone out for the past few weeks was to meet with some bands and get their CDs from them to play during the day. (SUCKERS!! THERE'S NO EVENT! This was all just a ploy to keep me from spending $5-$10 on a CD!) I initially just wanted to check them out, get a CD and call it a night. However it quickly turned into an all-night, alcohol induced haze. I'm glad it did too or my weekends would have been all work and no play. You know what goes after that.
I love dealing with local bands. They're so much more willing to help a guy out and just talk over a few drinks. I've talked to so many other fucks in trying to get this event together that it's a refreshing change to encounter friendly, helpful people. I'm not saying that everyone I've had to deal with was an asshole and seemed to make things more difficult for me. Those just seem to stick out in my mind more.
I guess it's time to get back to work now... *sigh* Until the next post I suppose.

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