Homework Doesn't Look Like It's Getting Done Tonight

lone gunman
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I scanned a bunch of childhood photos of myself the other night and this was one of 'em. I look so tiny. I also look like I'm taking a dump. I was still in diapers so that's acceptable.

I've gone back to that little park, which is the setting for this scene, a few times in the past few years. It certainly doesn't look like that anymore. I think most of those buildings in the background there have become crack houses or meth labs. Or they're just not there anymore because the crack/meth blew it off the face of the Earth.

I grew up in a rough neighborhood. It wasn't too bad from what I can remember, but then again I was still crapping in my shorts at that point so how much could I remember? I don't miss all the crime and drug dealing going on around my home, but the 'burbs just doesn't have that same feeling as a city. Mainly because there isn't a goddam thing to do around here.

All the other kid pics can be seen at my Flickr account by clicking on the photo or that cool thing that's on the right side. The thing that says Flickr and has a bunch of photos that enlarge and shrink on it.

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Melissa said...

Like your blog- I thought it was interesting that we both wrote a post about regret and its lack of purpose. Also thought it was interesting that you have a strange disease where your body kinda attacks itself, because I have one to- its called ITP. Just having one of those freaky, its-a-small-world moments.