It's Poem Time Boys and Girls

Didn't hear any input, but I don't have much to write at the moment. Only two today. Enjoy, or else...

I Forgot About The Windows

Gray and black clouds form
Off in the distance.
Explosions of light and thunder
Alert me of the intensity of the coming storm.

The large drops fall sporadically,
Drumming against my head.
I look for shelter,
But there is nothing I can see to keep me dry.

Even the earthworms have nowhere to go,
Lost in a sea of a puddle.

I search frantically to get out of the downpour,
I see my car.
I run to it, and open the door.
Damn! No cover here,
The seats have formed little oceans of their own.

I might as well join the worms.


My grandfather’s remaining hair, and the way
The clouds looked before they opened and cried
When he was gone.
The fog that hindered my eyesight
On those nights I walked alone.

The sky on cold winter days.
The way my breath and smoke kisses
A window and stays like a ghost trying to live again.

In the fields, a wolf stares with its
Cold eyes, hunting, stalking its next victim.
It tries to blend in the shadows
With the warm coat it wears year-round
Like a suit of dull armor.

In the distance, the steel smoke stacks
Of factories stand like granite towers
Of forgotten castles.

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