I Just Need to Focus

Here I am, sitting in front of my computer with any other number things I should be doing but I'm thinking about word origins. Specifically "worrywarts". I just happened to read it and started thinking about it.

What the hell does this mean? I know what the definition is, but why the hell did the words "worry" and "wart" come together to create this oddity? "Worrier" was doing just fine, but they had to just come up with something else. Something unnatural, nonsensical and, above all else, absurd. Did people actually start getting warts when they began worrying too much? I'm no doctor, but I have spent a lot of time watching medical shows on TV and I have never seen a patient come in complaining about warts due to worrying, or worrying about the warts they have gotten from worrying. Whoa, that would be a vicious cycle of warts. Maybe they thought acne was this mythical "worrywart"? So when a person says, "You're such a worrywart," you can go ahead and punch them in the face because they're making fun of your acne problem.

We could just get rid of this ridiculous word and start calling all worriers "acne" or "pimple". "Ulcer" could work just as well. They're caused by stress, which is just a more successful way of saying that a person is worried about something. I say successful because most of the time you hear that someone is experiencing stress they have some big, important thing going on. Most often used by businessmen, lawyers, doctors, and all those other "jobs".

Dentists have the highest suicide rates among professions (I wonder if that's changed... That could be an old statistic) but you don't hear them say they're stressed very often. They just relieve themselves by giving people root canals and fillings. That would be pretty soothing I suppose, if you're a sicko masochist!

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