Observations Made

The past week or so I've seen some things that were down right odd and just plain pissed me off. Here they are, in no particular order.

The other day I saw a man walking in the park. It was a clear, cool day so this shouldn't seem so strange. However, he was walking backwards. He was looking over his shoulder and just walking backwards down the path in the park. He was alone so it wasn't like he was doing it just to go along with the crowd, or that there was some kind of walk backwards-athon that he was taking part in to raise money. He was just walking backwards.

About a week ago a stop light near my house was having some work done on it, maybe having one of those speed cameras installed, I don't know. So since it was being serviced it was flashing red all day. I had to run a few errands that day and I ended up going through that light a few times. Somehow this situation turned into a complete cluster fuck for many of the drivers in my area. I saw one driver stop, start to go and then stop again. They continued to do this until someone pulled up next to him and drove through. Obviously, the driver was stopping every time the red light came on and released the brake and was ready to go when it flashed off. A few other drivers couldn't tell when to make their turn in the turning lane. They would just sit there, waiting for the person coming in the opposite direction to go. The other driver coming from the opposite direction was waiting for the turning vehicle to go because they had the right of way. I was able to actually get to the light, stop, go through the intersection and look back in my rearview mirror to see them sitting there still. People are fucking idiots.

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Deano "aka" Jimmy Joe Meeker "aka" Fat Elvis said...

I love the dumb ass people who get to the 4 way stop and then proceed to wave every other driver to go ahead of them....just follow the old first go rule and get the hell through the intersection...Just for kicks about a month ago, (I have to go through this crap every day going to class) I just kept waving back at this lady...she would wave then I would wave....she finally got pissy and took off!....I shot her the bird