I'm In Class Posting Again

You'd think that a class that meets once a week would have something usefull to go over during a three hour session. You'd of course be wrong. I've been here for 8 or 9 weeks now and I've done nothing but sit here and watch video's on my iPod or listen to music, talk to other people in the classroom, do sudoku puzzles, or talk to people on the phone. I have not learned a single thing and this is supposed to be the second hardest class I'll have to take in completing my degree.
I will say this, the one test we have taken I did horribly on, but so did every other student. He curves everything, but he has yet to tell anyone what the curve is. It's a very poorly structured learning environment.
I really don't have anything worth posting right now. I'll be going to see a few local bands Saturday night. That's all I've got going for a while other than school work.
I'm incredibly bored. This classroom needs a bar.

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