Development Has Been Given a Rest

Sadly the last episode of "Arrested Development" aired tonight. Those bastards at Fox have no idea what they just let slip through their fingers. It could have ran for another few seasons, at least, and still be funny. I guess it just gives them more time to run "encore" episodes of their great shows like "Prison Break," "The O.C.," and "American Idol." I haven't seen a single episode of the first two and haven't watched any of "Idol" since somewhere around the second go at it. Frankly, the "encore" episodes are really just attempts to get people to watch the show after they didn't want to watch it the first time. With some of the idiots that watch the boob tube though you can probably get away with that gimmick if your show is the LEAST mind-numbing out of the selection.
Back to "Arrested" though. This show had everything going for it. The story was incredibly original; a documentary-style comedy that revolved around a man trying to keep his dysfunctional family from falling apart. It was such a breath of fresh air after having the fiftieth regurgitation of "Friends" trying to... I really have no idea why they keep beating that dead horse. The characters just felt so real. They were all so ridiculous, but considering the DNA floating around in that bunch it wasn't all that farfetched. Each actor should be recognized for their part in this show. If I were them it would be at the top of my acting resume and I would introduce myself as "Hi, I'm . I was on Arrested Development." Then people would buy me drinks and meals just because of that. I'd have to tell people to stop lavishing me with their affection and gifts, because people would be rioting just to get near me. It would be like being a rock star, the Pope, and a god of your choosing all in one. Okay, time to step back out of my fantasy and back to the show's staying power. The overall plot of the show could have been stretched for years seeing as how some of these corporate cases go in our legal system. Wow, that was a horrible way to finish this after how great a job the actors had done. I should put that plot part before the character recognition. I should stop writing what I'm thinking and just do it.
I'm going to rank this final episode as one of the best final episodes I've ever seen. It all came together really damn well. It was nothing like that crappy Seinfeld finale, and I'm a HUGE Seinfeld fan as much of the rest of the human population with a television. Everything was just wrapped up nicely, and characters from old episodes came back and they weren't just there as a way of saying, "Hey, remember this character? Yeah, (s)he was good." There was a perfectly reasonable and funny explanation for them popping up.
Now as a tribute to this great piece of Americana, I'm going to purchase the DVDs. Actually I'm broke right now so it'll have to wait, but one day I'll have them. And if there was a way that I could do it without those asshats at Fox receiving any money that would be even better. Fox must have a real jackass as the president. And when I say jackass I mean a real donkey, because you would have to be as intelligent as a donkey to cancel this show. Or a retarded horse.

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