The Day After

Just to get it out of the way, I caught up on some sleep for Valentine's Day. That's usually what weekends are for, but not for this guy lately.
So the reason for this post is this article. To sum up, some psychology professor came to the conclusion that the heart shape (<3 for 1337 speakers, the dumbest languague ever created.) was modeled after the female butt. I've thought this for years and I didn't need to do any research on it. Well, I guess if you count looking at butts research, then I did research.
Why am I posting this? Why do I wish to share that as I happened to peer at a passing female's backside and look down that I began to think that the heart shape probably came from that body part? Because I'd like to get a little credit too dammit! This guy had an article written about him and I've got to do this myself. I don't have time for this! I've got homework and other shit to do.
I just ripped a hole in my shirt.

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