Spring Break - In One Week....

I don't think I've been more anxious for a spring break to get here than this one. For the past month I've been working my ass off for just one class. I'm taking five, and this one class is taking up all of my damn time. Even when I'm not working on something for it I'm thinking about something that needs to be done, or someone that needs to be called. This is the kind of work that I'll be doing once I get a job, or that's what I expect at least, which will be fine then. But right now I've got four other classes and I can't even remember what we're studying. Midterms are this week and I can't think of anything but this one damn class.
This is the same class that has me working on a marketing campaign for a new product. This past week I was nearly driven made by all the pressure. I had to pull together a brief and get it approved from our liaison. (This whole thing is a bit more complicated buy I'll let you fill in the details. Think of whatever you'd like.) So I send it off and it comes back riddled with changes that need to be made. This was after my teacher had gone through and made hundreds of changes herself. So then I had to spend a few late night trying to get revisions from people, calling, nagging, never bitching though since I can't fire anyone. At the moment it still hasn't been approved and on March 9 I have to give a presentation to the client on what we plan to do. I feel like if I were on the Apprentice I'd have been fired. I'm leading this damn thing and there have been a number of times that I felt like we've gotten so far behind.
I haven't gotten a good night sleep in weeks. Hopefully, I can catch up on a bit this weekend in between all of the reading I need to do to catch up on all my other classes.
Now, for the past week I've been trying to force myself to stop thinking about school so much and I've been wasting some time on the inter web. I've found a few new webcomics, nothing too special though so they won't be added to the list, and I've been watching a lot of short videos on YouTube. Here are some of my favorites (some of these are not safe for kids):
This one I have no title for, because it's written in some foreign characters and I can't be sure what. But I'm going to sum it up like this: I first thought it was a children's show, but as I watched more of the clip I began to think it was a recollection of a bad acid trip. Like many anime cartoons, it just didn't make any sense.
Here Comes Dr. Tran - Just completely ridiculous. Exactly the kind of crap I eat right up. It's like a movie preview for an action hero named... Dammit, I can't remember his name.
Robot Man - It's a breakdancing video. This guy does some weird stuff, but I was in the Breakdancing Club in high school so it's being put in here. It's actually quite amazing.
Cute Lil' Gal - The title pretty much says it all. She's a cute lil' gal.
Tribute - To the greatest song ever written. They can't remember what the actual song sounded like, so they've written a tribute to it. Close enough I guess. This could, I suppose, be thought of as the second greatest song in the world then. Maybe first be default since only three people ever heard the best one. And one of those people was Satan. (Dave Grohl)
Guitar - Such a simple title for such an amazing example of guitarist-ry... Yeah, that looks like a real word.
Lazy Monday - A response from the West Coast to Lazy Sunday. Not as good, but it has its moments.
If you're wondering what Lazy Sunday is, well, I can't show it because all videos of it have been pulled due to a cease and desist notice from NBC.

(If you actually pay attention to the date of the posting, it's wrong. I had saved some of this on 2/28, but because of all of that work I was talking about above I couldn't actually finish it until 3/4. For some reason I can't change the date anymore for posts. I used to be able to mess with that...)

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