Under Construction

I'm making some changes again around here. Last night I was looking at the old setup and realized that I'd rather use it for the new blog I'm working on. It's odd to say that I'm "working on a blog" since it's supposed to be more like a log or journal for everyday events or observations. I guess I'm just making a new website, but I'm going to use Blogger which is why I've been calling it a "blog" so much.
Anyway, the old, completely green template that I had been using here would fit much better, in my opinion, for the subject matter of the new website/blog. Since the subject matter is going to be rather serious I thought the green would help calm some readers who could get worked up because of it. Sounds a bit odd I know, but the new site is not meant to get people anxious, nervous, or upset. It's meant to be informative, but I can't be sure that all who read it will react the same way so I'm going to try and sneak in tricks to avoid unwanted reactions.
So in the meantime, I'm trying to get this new layout down. If it's still looking off, then I'm still working on it. I'm not very knowledgeable in HTML and I'm learning this on the fly. I seemed to have it a wall here and can't figure out a way around it. Hopefully it doesn't take too long because I hate having it look like this. I'm pretty pleased that I've got all my links and whatnot on the left side now, though. Now you're kind of forced to look at them more. HA!
Okay, that's it. Hopefully this site doesn't stay in this sorry shape for long, but I'm getting more and more work piling up on my desk and although getting this fixed up is something I really want to do at the moment, it's not a top priority.

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