Rita Update: Where the Hell Is She?

Caped Boredom
Caped Boredom,
originally uploaded by kosmopowers.
It's been an hour and no rain. I was bored so I grabbed my bed sheet and decided to have a little fun with the wind. It's blowing pretty damn good now and the clouds are looking ominous... but no rain yet. I thought I felt a few small drops, but it could have just been water being blown over from the nearby lake.
I played with the cape for a good ten minutes then my photographer gave up. He said it was hard to catch the gusts at the right moment and I had trouble keeping my balance on one leg. Damn inner ear not functioning properly. For more cape photos you can click on my little Flickr over on the right or just click the pick. There are a few more but these were the best and I'm just going to use the others as guides when drawing caped figures. At least something good came from this hurricane.

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