Rita Update: Rain Within the Hour

originally uploaded by kosmopowers.
For the past hour now we've seen some strong gusts, nothing like what we'll see in a few hours but gusts nonetheless. At the moment, which is about 5:30pm central time, we have not gotten any rain, but as evidenced by the photo it shouldn't be too far off now.
Rita seems to have moved off pretty far off to the east and the forecast funnel that I referred to before doesn't even have Houston in the projected path of Rita's eye. I guess I should mention that I am about 30 miles west of Houston for those unfamiliar with my whereabouts. It appears that the worst I'll see is lots of rain and wind. Not bad, but I still was kind of hoping, the thrill seeker part of me, to see some real destructive force. It appears that I will seem some, but nothing near to what I was expecting 24 hours ago. Trees and power lines will break, but the roof shouldn't meet any unfortunate damage.
It almost seemed like once I started taping up my windows, with packing tape because there was no duct tape left, the storm started moving more toward the north and east in the forecast. That's always the way.

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