Rita Update: She's Knocking on the Door

It is now ten minutes until 8pm and the winds have really picked up. I was drinking a beer and brought it outside with me and the winds were strong enough to make the bottle whistle. You know how when you blow over the top of it, it makes that whistle sound? That's what it was doing. The rain is starting now too. It's not hard at the moment but I got a few drops in my eye and that annoyed me. So I grabbed all of my toys and ran inside to tell.
Still looks like we're just going to get a lot of wind and rain here. No big changes so now we just wait to see if the power goes out. Speaking of which I'm going to now power off my computer so I don't end up losing any files from a sudden power outage. I've been updating too much anyway. If I have power later tonight I might check back. That is if the storm is not threatening the power lines. Otherwise it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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