Nonsensical Thoughts... As Most of Mine Are

The other night I was up late watching a movie and out of nowhere I began to hear this faint voice singing. Things were blowing up in the movie I was watching at that time so I quickly crossed that off of the list of possibilities since that really did not fit the scene. No one was awake at the time and having not heard any music or singing before this time I thought that it most likely wasn't a radio left on either. I got up from the couch to check for the source. The sound was coming from my youngest sister's bedroom. She was singing. I couldn't make out what the song was because she was a bit unintelligible, because she was still asleep. She had been singing for quite a while now and I stood there for a few moments to see if she was awake and she just kept going. She stopped shortly after that, so maybe she made it through the whole song. I'm not quite sure.
That got me to thinking about whether or not I do anything like that in my sleep. I know my other sister talks in her sleep often. Not every night, but often enough. I know that I sometimes catch myself in that realm between being awake and being asleep and I'm talking to myself as though I was talking to someone in my dream. I usually take a look around to see if anyone was around to hear it or not. Most of the time the door is closed and I don't think anyone does. At least no one has ever said anything to me about it. Good thing to, because I'm usually cussing someone out in my dreams. Like a sailor with Tourette's Syndrome. Or more appropiately coprolalia. (I just learned that term, got it off of that link.) I wonder if there are people that have "nocturnal coprolalia" (I just made that term up) such as myself. I can't really control what I say in my sleep or what I start to say outloud, just as those unfortunate, foul-mouthed people with coprolalia.
Sometimes I wish I did have coprolalia just so it would give me an excuse to go off on my teachers or bosses, whenever I happen to actually have a boss. As they stood there with their mouth agape at what they just heard I'd just have to say, "I'm sorry DICKHEAD MOTHER FUCKING COCKSUCKER!!! I have Tourette's. I'll have that for you tomorrow."


Anonymous said...

Hi Kosmo,

I have also coined the term 'nocturnal coprolalia' as I suffer from identical symptoms with embarrassing results. I find it worsens during stressful times, if I have been given a sleeping tablet or anesthetic or a bit too much to drink (particularly after drinking red wine). Have you ever found a cure or more info on this?


Kosmo said...

I don't experience the problem too often. It's usually when I'm under a lot of stress, or have eaten something before I fell asleep that was spicy or contained excessive amounts of garlic. I just do my best to keep my stress level down or taking some steps before bed to create a calming environment. There are plenty of things you can do which you could find on the internet. Since there are so many, you should just try some of them yourself and see which works best for you. Personally, I spray some lavender scented air freshener over my bed, turn something on that will create a bit of white noise, and then scream as loud as I can to release the tension from the day. Neighbors complain, but fuck them.