I've Got A Cold

Passing out in a cold house without a blanket is a good way to catch a cold apparently. I've been pretty run down all week from this and I've spent a good amount of time in bed. Normally I wouldn't find that to be a bad thing, but since I went out of town last weekend I didn't get anything done that I had planned to for my classes. With all this time I'm spending in bed and popping pills leaving me in a state of zombification as I'm trying to get over this cold it's really putting me even farther behind on my work load.
I'm posting now because in my zombie state I came across this article that I found a bit alarming. I'm having trouble figuring out if it's real or not. I mean, shit, it is in the "Entertainment" section of Yahoo! Movies, so that should make me question it's validity right there. But then again, I did spend twenty minutes talking to my iPod. I accidentally turned it on and the David Cross comedy album I have loaded on it started up. He was getting more laughs than I was.
Last weekend was great though. If I feel better later I might post some thoughts of it. Right now I guess I had better just say, "Have a good time in Japan, Benn."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kosmo- If the cosmic chaos cloud is really coming- The good news is we won't have to pay back our student loans. We just keep deferring them until 2014 and then POOF! Kathleen