Labor-less Day

Isn't that what this day should really be called? It's a day dedicated to all those hard-working Americans (Sorry workers of the food service industry and retail stores. You have to work in order to serve those too lazy to barbecue and to be in stores to sell all of those special "Labor Day" deals.) by giving them the day off from labor. If it were a day dedicated to working more, then the "Labor Day" moniker would seem a bit more appropriate to me. But it's not, and it doesn't. Or I've got a complete misunderstanding of the day and it's all about childbirth. Whatever the meaning, it's an extra day for me to think about doing things and then never actually getting around to doing them.
This week is going to go by pretty quick. At least it should go by quickly. I really only have about a day and a half of classes this week. Nothing Monday, Tuesday is a regular day, Wednesday I miss one, maybe two classes because of a doctors appointment and then Thursday I'm skipping town to go to St. Louis. Thursday will definitely be a long day. It's a 14-16 hour drive and there'll be five of us crammed into the mini-van. Hopefully, when I'm not driving I can get some reading done or sleep. Then my weekend will be filled with visiting friends and family and drinking. Can't have an Irish gathering without the alcohol. We banned the jigs.
My mom has whipped out the old childhood photos as she continues to try and put together some kind of photo album for my siblings and myself. Now that I've got a scanner I think I'll start posting adorable photos of myself and embarrassing ones of everyone else...
Who am I kidding? I won't take the time to scan photos of other people. I've only got 130 GB of free space on this computer.

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