Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Ninjas?

I think my affinity towards ninjas started when I was just a wee lad and I saw The Karate Kid. Yeah, I know that has nothing to do with ninjas, just bear with me. The whole image of karate was immediately branded into my mind as something "cool" and Mr. Miyagi talked funny. Then came the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I, like thousands of other young boys at the time, were caught up in the franchise. I had dozens of figures, the movies, and watched the cartoon religiously. For a long time the Ninja Turtle was the only idea of a decent ninja that I had. The only other example I was familiar with were their enemies the Foot Clan and Shredder. I didn't want to be a bad guy when I was 8. As I became older and wiser (I think I'm wiser, the jury is still out on that) I learned just how much cooler and mysterious real ninjas were and to make a long, boring story just a short, boring story, I love ninjas.
Now brings me to the reason for starting that crappy introduction: There's a new TMNT movie in the works! It's CGI and will be based more on the original, darker, comic book. It's still aimed to the PG crowd, they are the ones who will be buying the merchandise of course, but I'm still excited about the whole thing.
And not only are the Turtles coming back to theaters, but the Transformers franchise is working on a new film to be ready by July 4, 2007. Pretty much all I know about the project came from Superherohype.com and this article. The only problem I have with it at the moment is that the ass-hat Michael Bay is directing it. I hate the way all of his films are shot. Over-dramatic close-ups and he always seems to use this same shot where he sets up some major explosion or accident and then focuses on the hero character and cranes around him 360 degrees or so. Look at any of his movies and you'll see what I'm talking about. He's very formulaic and I hate that, but the rest of the movie-going public doesn't seem to mind so he keeps getting work. There's still plenty of time before the movie starts production so I'm hoping there is a change in direction in the future. Either he learns how to direct a film, or he's replaced.
With these two films coming soon, the only other film I could think of to complete my childhood trifecta would be a new He-Man movie. The old one, Masters of the Universe, is fun to watch just to make fun of it, but that's about it.


bennok said...

I loved all that. Especially He-Man....go figure.

Anonymous said...

They're making another turtle movie? hah its about time!

Trogdor! said...

voltron baby. needs me some live-action voltron love.