Bad Dreams

No posts from me in awhile. Not that there hasn't been anything worth posting, but I just never got around to it. Not that this is particularly interesting today, more like creepy-scary for me and I want to share with others.
A few weeks ago I had this horrible dream. I'd been having trouble sleeping for awhile, lots of work and thoughts on my mind, so I was a little deprived of sleep. This is what I remember from the dream:
I was in my room trying to sleep and my dad comes in and starts giving me the third degree because I bought a magazine subscription. My brother is standing in my doorway talking about his recent softball game and my dad is going back and forth between berating me and praising him for his feats that don't really matter. My brother leaves and then my dad continues on the tirade. Pretty soon I hear my brother screaming, "PUT IT BACK IN! PUT IT BACK IN!" I look at my dad and then bolt out the door, my brother sounded frantic. I go into the kitchen and see my brother bent over pleading to my mom, "PUT IT BACK IN!" and she's standing there looking like she can't believe what she's seeing. I get closer and see my brother writhing in agony holding his hand over his eye. My mom is standing over him in complete shock with his eyeball in her hand.
So that's the dream. It happened a while back, like I said before, but for some reason I've been having this ominous feelings as though those events will actually occur. The past few days I've been doing everything I could to prevent anything from allowing things to happen. I'm in sort of a jam right now because I have bought a magazine subscription which seemed like a decent idea at the time, even though I have no money. So part of the dream will most likely come true, getting a talk from my dad. For the time being, my mom is out of town so there is no way she could be holding my brother's eyeball for awhile.
The whole situation just has me feeling really uneasy. Logically, I know that this most likely will never occur, but I've had hundreds of deja vu moments in my life and the irrational part of my brain just doesn't want to pass this off as just another dream. I'm still not sleeping well and thinking about eyeballs popping out of people's heads is not helping.

On another note, how about these change? I like 'em. Makes it look like a decent website. Like people actually read it too. I wonder if it fools anyone?


bennok said...

to stop myself from getting nightmares, I pee before I go to bed (PB4UGO2BED?), and when nature calls, I go pee instead of fighting it and trying to keep sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Strange dream but it seems like the reason you had the dream is because you are worried about the magazine subscription. It might not be the biggest thing on your mind but dreams are usually about something you try to keep in the back of your mind.

bennok said...

that and reptiles

Kosmo said...

it's the image of the damn eye popped out that's getting to me. that image of a dark hole where an eye is supposed to be freaked me out and just won't go away.