Ask And Ye Shall Receive

If you take a look at 7/18/05 you'll see that I wrote a little bit about the new Transformers movie coming out in two years. In the comments section Trogdor! mentioned Voltron (Here's a link with a damned good write-up of the Voltron of my childhood.) and how cool it would be to see that come to life. Well guess what? Here it is. That is just eerie. I think some people in Hollywood are reading this blog and getting ideas from us. I should be a producer on that project or something. Maybe a Best Boy or some crap title like that. Or a grip. I can grip stuff. If I was an action figure I'd have kung-fu grip.
That's it. No more writing. I'm at school, found the article and thought it worth posting about. This could be my shortest post ever.

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bennok said...

kind of refreshing. i mean it's easier to read.