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This here is a flyer for a movie I was filming a little over a year ago back in St. Louis. In fact, it's my characters diary of which the title is referring to. Uh, I don't exactly know where the RagTag is or I'd be telling everyone I know in St. Louis to go see it, but I'm sure a quick Google search could answer that question... I'm not going to do it for you. I just told you about the damn movie! Unfortunately I will not be one of the "cast members" that the flyer promises. I've got classes and 900 miles in between me and the theater.
Since I haven't seen a cut of the final film I can't just say, "It's the best movie you're going to see this year!" or, "This'll win Best Picture at all the award shows for sure!" I'm just going to say that I'm in it so you know it's great. I know the scenes I did were great and I many takes were ruined because we'd just start laughing at each other. It was a lot of fun and maybe any of you out there that see it could tell me how it turned out.

Finally something on this blog that's not about death! Posted by Hello

EDIT: Apparently the RagTag is in Columbia, MO. And everyone that I know in Columbia is in Chicago... That's no good. Here's their site, check the calendar: http://www.ragtagfilm.com/. There's supposed to be an "official" premeir in St. Louis in mid May sometime. I want to try to make it to that one, even though I'm not comfortable watching myself act.

ANOTHER EDIT: Last night I realized that I'm a total ass and forgot that Abberz is still in Columbia! My mind must have been thinking that she was still in Italia for some stupid reason. Sorry Abbey.


bennok said...

Damn it. I'm not in Columbia, either.

Anonymous said...

I just might check it out, if I can get someone to go with me.