Happy Birthday Ben

On this day, we celebrate the birth of a true hero. Ben the Brown, who became Ben the Black and looked like he was wearing a bad wig, who gave his life to save those of the land of Trident from the evil hordes of Zargon. If it weren’t for the heroic deeds of Ben the Black the people of Trident would have been slaughtered at the hands of the mighty hordes.

For most of Ben the Black’s life he was a lonely wanderer and it was not until the hordes had invaded the Port of Pastoria did he realize his power and the sacrifice he was to make. With his trusty bottle of water Ben the Black quickly set about his quest to rid the lands of evil and shortly after decimating Zargon’s forces in the Battle of Volta and pushing the remaining numbers out of the Village of Mars, Ben the Black came face to face with Zargon himself. The two battled for days, for their powers were nearly equal.

After the battle had moved through the Desert of Thantye and into the Mountain of Dew the two were exhausted. In a desperate act Zargon began to channel all of his remaining energies into one final, devastating attack. Ben the Black acted swiftly, summoning his own amazing energy to stop the evil lord before he destroyed him leaving no one left with the ability to defeat Zargon. They both rushed toward one another and at that moment a brilliant flash of yellow light could be seen as far away as the village of Jaco in the far west.

It is unknown what truly happened after that. Any onlookers atop the mountain were killed and Ben the Black and Zargon were destroyed as they both unleashed their awesome power upon one another. The peak of the mountain was blown away and the Mountain of Dew became the Valley of Sierra Mist. All who visited the Valley of Sierra Mist from that day had a great dislike for it because of the awful reminder of the sacrifice of the world’s savior and the once majestic Mountain of Dew.

The land of Trident has remained a peaceful place since that day. The hordes of Zargon fled the land and it is believed that they joined the Republicanus Clans that dwell in the caves along the coasts of Chri Sea. The winds of evil no longer blow across the land, fouling the air. However the people of Trident fear that one day the Republicanus Clans will threaten their peace. But when that day comes, as the prophecies foresee, Ben the Black will once again return and save the good land and beat back any evil that threatens the serenity of Trident. Posted by Hello

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Ben said...

thank you brendan..
i really enjoyed that.
i'll probably read it a couple more times.
but not right now.