What the F&*$ is Going On!?!

I don't think I'm the only that was/will be shocked when they hear this, but Mitch Hedberg died. It apparently happened on sometime Tuesday night, because his body was found Wednesday morning. This is not some cruel April Fool's joke. At least I'm not the one that's pulling the prank, and if it is a joke it's fucking sick.
Damn this guy was funny. Now I'm really pissed that I didn't go see him when he was in town back in August or September. I just can't believe the guy's dead! If I can think of more to say about him later I'll edit this and repost, but right now I'm tired and in utter disbelief. I'm going to try and find a briefcase, a beret, and a set of handcuffs tomorrow and pay homage to him by taking part in a silent vigil consisting of myself, and maybe some other people if I can find any. We (I) will all sit around and wait for the Dufrenes party of 2 to finally get their table reservation.

EDIT: I was just talking to Benn and realized that if it hadn't been for all this bullshit coverage of feeding tubes, I could have heard about this tragedy when it happened instead of just stumbling upon it by chance. Millions of families have had to deal with the decision of what to do with their loved one being kept alive by machines and millions more in the future, but no one has ever given a shit before this one. Why? Because it was a tragic story about a pretty white chick being in a horrible accident and coming out as a vegetable and a family unable to face the fact that the person who they once knew was gone forever. BIG FUCKING DEAL!!! Just a few months ago there was a case here in Houston dealing with a mother trying to keep her 6 month old child on a respiratory and all the other machines that I don't feel like listing. In fact, the ruling in the case was based on a law passed by Bush when he was governor that stated the plug be pulled in these cases. WHO'S THE FUCKING FLIP-FLOPPER NOW!?!?
I really wish I could come up with more to say about Mitch at the moment. Maybe in another reposting.

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