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Today's Thoughts: Another Oldie (Going to school is time consuming.)
The bowling ball, now that is a clever invention. Man has always had a yearning to destroy, and then one man had the great idea of destroying a nice arrangement of sticks for amusement. But what has happened to this sport? Why has it grown into such an intense competition between two fellow persons? What happened to the good ol’ days when a couple of friends would go out and roll a few balls down the way to knock over some pins while getting piss drunk and annoying the family party down the way with their drunken swearing.
Bowling has gotten too commercial for its own good. Balls are now designed to look 'pretty' instead of menacing like in the pre-historic days. Remember when a bowling ball was nothing more than a big rock? Neither do I, but I bet those old rocks sure smashed the hell out of those sticks.
In today’s society of looks and glamour, would bowling be as fun if the bowling balls grew on trees and you had to pick them when they got to be 'just ripe'? I bet that all those big wigs with the PBA would probably quit because their bowling balls, the ones that they had painted just for a specific tournament, had gotten old and rotten with age. And then all the commercialism of bowling would be gone and it would be fun again.
But if bowling balls grew on trees then we probably wouldn't have learned about gravity, since Isaac Newton would have died.

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