It's Actually Going to Happen

Almost two years after I spent two of the longest days of my life working on a movie set, the piece of crap seems to have gotten a release date. I had seen a trailer of it 8 months to a year ago and decided then that I most likely will skip this as it looks like one of those over-produced, under-dog, sports stories that I've never really liked. If anybody out there actually goes to watch it, you might be able to catch a glance of me trying to look interested as 16 guys (I don't remember soccer very well.) chase a ball in the balmy summer heat that is a summer in St. Louis. If it's ever played on cable in the future when cars fly and Bush III is carrying out his religious crusade to wipe out the infidels I might mute the sound and watch it to see if I ever pop up. Hell, it might be so long from now that I'll be so deaf when the time rolls around I won't need to mute it anyway. But I will have to have the screen two inches from my face.

Today's Thoughts:
A Blast From the Past or How I Didn't Feel Like Writing One Up Today

Ah, to be a fish! To be able to swim about without a care in the world. To be able to move about in any direction, right and left, up and down, to be free from the forces of gravity. What a wonderful existence.
That is until you realize that your life is solely dependent on the moron that keeps looking at you through that damn bowl that you're stuck in. If that idiot forgets to feed you for a couple of days you're as good as flushed down the toilet. Or maybe he'll neglect to keep an eye on the temperature of the water and either boil you or freeze your flippers off. You know what? Forget being a fish.

Ah, to be a bird!

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