How About Them Cards!

I asked for it and I got it. I was a little worried when Biggio led off with that homer. I thought we were going to blow it for sure, but that was just my annoying pesimism rising. After watching that over the shoulder catch by Edmonds I put those feelings out of my mind at watched a great team pull of the victory. If Pujols didn't have such a great series I'd say the MVP should go to Jimmy.
Since this is special for me I'm calling this series "My Hometown World Series." Why is this special and why do I label it with a term that is usually designated for one particular place? Well, growing up I lived in St. Louis all of my life but my mother's family resides in Massachussettes, Kerry Country, and I'd spend a few weeks or a month there every summer. So it feels like both places are my stomping grounds as a child. When I was in St. Louis during the summer it would be about the Cardinals and then while in Massachussettes it's all about the Sox.
So like I said yesterday it doesn't matter much to me who wins. I'm rooting for both teams here. The Cards have the best record in baseball this year and the Sox need to get over that curse. Task for this weekend: get a freakin' Cards or Sox hat. Whichever one I think looks better.

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bennok said...

You gave waaay more !'s to the Sox, and I don't think that's fair.

Here's some more for the home team, go CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kosmo said...

when i was typing up the post i thought it would be good to just line up the !'s, but as i look at it now it is off by one !.

Anonymous said...

I like your personal "Hometown World Series", Kosmo. Talk about a win-win situation for you.
If you use all your pitchers in one game like we did tonight, the Cards will have to send in the bat boy to pitch game 7. I think it's going to go seven, don't you? I'm glad the Cards are in the series. It helps to take my mind off Nov. 2. But that's another blog comment. Who was Ben Affleck sitting with?
Why so late, you ask? I am supposed to be researching a paper on the Web. Kathleen