RED SOX WIN!!! or Hernandez Hex

Shortly after the final out was made in tonight's game I got a call from my grandpa on the east coast to rub in the win his Sox were able to bring home over the Cards. He's not a Krap reader. I think he was trying to talk to my dad, but he had already gone to sleep because of the piss poor representation the Cards were showing. I wanted to see the Sox finish the job so I could say I saw it, even if I was 900 miles away from the actual event.
Like I said before I wasn't really pulling for one team over the other, I was just looking for a good series. Didn't get that though. The "Hometown Series" was one of the worst series of four games I've seen in a while. The first two games I don't think either team performed particularly well and then the Cards, unlike the Sox, never seemed to get back into their regular season swing, as evidenced by the silent bats. So even though I'm glad the Sox won and there will be no more talk of "The Curse" come next year's post season, I wish the series had been a bit more exciting. The Cards look like they just laid down and let the Sox walk right over them.
Now on to why I think the Cards gave a less than stellar performance. If you click here you'll see a list of all the years that any MLB organization has won the championship. After looking through the records of the 1982 team I believe I've hit upon why we've run dry these past 22 years. I believe it has something to do with Keith Hernandez. If you look you'll see that he was traded away, or signed to the Mets after helping the Cards win the World Series, just like Babe Ruth with the Red Sox. (The only difference being that Hernandez never pitched.) If you look at his stats it looks like he was a main force in that '82 team. I believe Keith has become St. Louis' Bambino without us even realizing it. I dub this curse "The Hernandez Hex" and only time will tell as to when this hex while be broken. At least Boston has shown that even the strongest curses can't last forever.

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