How About Them Sox!

What a game. What a way to humiliate the Yankees. What a way to get back at New York for all of the years of jokes and loses. What were they thinking bringing Pedro in? It's been many years since I've seen the Sox make it to the World Series and it's been even longer since I've seen 'em win it all (duh).
With the extra-inning win for the Cards I'm looking for a St. Louis/Boston match up after we kick Houston's ass in Game 7. Being a fan of both teams it wouldn't really make much of a difference to me to see either win. My home team could bring home the title or I could see the "curse" lifted and never have to hear about it again. I better not get ahead of myself though because there is still a chance the Cards might not make it.
I haven't been able to show the St. Louis pride around here for fear that I'd get my ass kicked by some crazed lunatic. I have been wearing my Mizzou hat but the folks around here seem to be too stupid to figure out that Mizzou stands for University of Missouri and that St. Louis is in Missouri. Or maybe it's just one or the other. Either way they're stupid. It should be obvious that I'm wearing my Mizzou hat to secretly support the Cards.
In the mean time, go Cards and here's hoping that we see a St. Louis/Boston match up on Saturday.

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bennok said...

CARDS WIN!!!!!!! CARDS WIN!!!!!!!!!

I'm with you on Boston, but I'm not going to repeat what I just put on my blog.