It's Time For Home Movies

See what I did there with the title? I took the last post title and changed it around to fit within the context of this post here. I'm funny. Uh, yeah.

Anyway... I've been spending a lot of time (a.k.a. wasting a lot of time) in front of the computer this weekend trying to figure out how this html thing works. I'm getting some headway, but my nose got stuck so I've got to find another way to make some headway. But during this wasting of time I've come across a few things:
A. Home Movies, the greatest show ever about a kid named Brendon, is coming to DVD November 16, 2004. Everyone should buy multiple copies so those in charge of the DVD-ing of the rest of the seasons will do so because they are greedy, greedy bastards.
2. Some of the songs from Home Movies are on Brendon Small's website. Here are a few of them (On the site they are not actually named the way I have them they are "Secret Songs" and there is a second or so missing from the sound bite. I think it's all because of lawyers.)
- Don't Put Marbles In Your Nose - The title pretty much says it all.
- He is Franz Kafka! - Classic among those in the know.
- Living Like a Bug - Part of the Kafka musical.
- Turned Into a Bug - Do you see a theme here?
- Mr. Pants - Not from the Kafka musical. This is from the "History" episode.

There are some other songs on Small's site, but if I listed them all then it would give you no reason to go to his site. If you can't find anything to do and you're at a computer, or you like this Small guy then I would suggest going to the site. And yes, this is a bit of a kiss-ass post to Brendon Small. You never know when he might read this. I've got to get the number of people that actually read this/have read this site above 10. It's just something I feel I need to do.

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