I Can't Believe It

This weekend provided me with a number of moments where I uttered the phrase above, sometimes with an expletive or two added. First off my car has been in another accident. And once again it happened right outside the front of my house. This time it was a neighbor backing out of her driveway and she left a note. Luckily the new bumper I just had installed was saved because she was driving an SUV. Instead of ripping off the bumper like the previous incident (which only occurred a fucking month ago!) there is a nice dent with some white paint scraped into the front quarter panel. It's not a large dent, it just looks like a good-sized bird flew into my car and happened to take a shit at the same time. I haven't done anything about it yet and luckily she's offered to pay for it.
The second "I can't believe it's not butter" moment came Sunday night. After spending a good portion of the weekend trying to figure out how to write html, make it work, and getting nowhere I stumbled upon one of the books for a required computer class I'm taking. The book is all about html. I know what you're thinking, "Why didn't you see that book before? You've been in class for two weeks already! You should have used it by now!" Well... Yes, I should have used it by now, but I haven't. For some reason the teacher of a class that's just supposed to be about using Microsoft Office thought it would be a good idea for us to know how a computer works, because in this day and age computers are such an oddity that none of us have used one before. There are like five different books for this one class that came in a bundle and the html text is this little dinky thing about the size of a Jehovah's Witness pamphlet. It's actually a decent sized book, it just doesn't look like a normal text book.
This is the last "I can't believe it" moment, but this one takes the cake. After seeing this I can't believe that Bush is actually ahead in the polls.
And on a happier note, Overkamp just told me it's his birthday. I should have known this, but I don't really know what the date is to begin with.


bennok said...

Nice! Even I didn't post it was my birthday on my blog! Ha!

Danny said...

Texas? Jesus Christ! Who lives in Texas?

Anyway, have you seen Garden State yet?

Post some pictures of your new digs.

Kosmo said...

NO I HAVEN'T SEEN GARDEN STATE YET! I don't know where any of the goddam theaters are around here and I don't have the money to waste driving around until I find one.
After all that bitching I did about St. Louis' crappy movie selection I can't even figure out where a theater is within relation to my house. All the roads are being worked on so the option of using mapquest to show me an exact route has been thrown out the window and is now sitting in a big pile of shit.

Danny said...

First Colony Theater, Gulf Pointe, Studio Theater, Tinseltown/Westchase Cinema, Marq*E Stadium Cinema.

Just drive around telling people you're a republican from Missouri who voted for Ashcroft for governor four years ago. They'll give you directions.