It's Time For More Movies

I was sitting here at my computer trying to figure out how to use this html stuff, it's coming along just still have a few things to figure out, when I got distracted and decided to check out some new movie trailers. There aren't that many here so don't feel overwhelmed. Can someone feel whelmed? What is that like?

I (heart) Huckabees - The "(heart)" is the symbol of a heart in the title but a keyboard doesn't have that key to push. I think the parentheses work though. Anyway, this looks like another one of those quirky looking comedies that I tend to enjoy. From the trailer it looks like a Garden State kind of picture, but not as good. It looks funny, don't get me wrong, I just don't think it will have the impact that Garden State seems to be having.

Final Cut - A Robin Williams thriller, doesn't that sound odd, much like One Hour Photo or Insomnia. Robin Williams and "thriller," two things that sound stranger than George Walker Bush winning a Nobel Peace Prize, but the two films I mentioned I thought he performed well in them and I'm expecting much of the same from this one.

Sideways - A film about the adventures of two men having some fun in the last few days of bachelorhood before one of them gets married. Sounds like a played out premise but after watching the trailer it looks like this one found something new to add to it. What is that something? If I could explain what that was I would, but it took me forever to just figure out a good way to write that first sentence of this synopsis so I'm not going to try to explain a concept that I'm not even sure I understand in the first place. Take a look at it and see if you can figure it out. One man's journey in discovering himself...?

Warriors of Heaven and Earth - I like movies like this. I want to see this for the same reason I want to see Hero and why I liked Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon so much. I like martial arts and fantasy mixed. Even when it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Shaun of the Dead - Finally a decent horror/comedy! I can't remember the last time a horro/comedy movie came out that wasn't connected to the Wayans brothers, and those sucked. I'm not quite sure if I'll see it or not in the theater, but you should at least check out the trailer.

That's it for this go around. Give me a few weeks, a few more trailers, and I'm sure I'll find some more worthy of a post on this site.


bennok said...

I think I'll like I (heart) Huckabees.
Final Cut seems like something I'd not be interested in. Why doesn't anyone get the future right?
I think what you're looking for in Sideways is perhaps that the characters are middle aged men, and the one about to get married may not even be as important about Miles. I might like to see it though. I dunno.
Warriors of Heaven and Earth could be really cool. I'm a fan of Hero (have the DVD), but I haven't seen the fuzzy dragon thing. But anything out of China (or Japan) I'll probably watch. ;-)
Shaun of the Dead...I started watching the trailer and I was like "whatever" 'cause I don't like horror movies, but then it was british. Then I saw Dawn from The Office (Lucy Davis) was in it and I got really excited.

Oh, and I do recommend season 1 & 2 of the office (and the Christmas Special that came after the second season but isn't on either bloody DVD) to anyone who likes to laugh and/or reads this blog.

Kosmo said...

i think we're the only ones that read this blog.
so, thanks for the comment and i'll have to check out the office.

Anonymous said...

guys dont forget, ben(n) reads this site..

i really want to see the office...
and i saw hero...
sideways looks kinda sappy..
huckabees is either gonna be really cool or suck pretty bad... thats how i feel..

i saw an episode of curb your enthusiasm last night for the first time... it was delicious....

bennok said...

Ben(n) reads this, because .

Danny said...

Huckabees insults me as an existentialist. I'm sick of people throwing that word around. So fuck that movie (oh I'll definitel see it, and I'll probably like it since David O. Russel's last fil was THREE KINGS!, but still I must protest the use of 'existential' in the tagline and trailer.).