A Moment To Relax

This week has been one hectic mofo. Driving all day Monday to try and get to Houston that night turned into driving all day only to have to stop at a hotel two hours away from our destination. I was all ready to drive on through, all I needed was a cup of coffee and I was good to go, but there was too much complaining from the other drivers in the car so the head wagon driver (i.e. my dad) decided to stop. I could continue to complain about that ensuing night and the following day, but I'll stop because I don't like to be labeled a whiner.
I had been trying since Wednesday to figure out where the hell my school was and how to get into classes. I found the school after wasting Thursday at the wrong campus (for some reason the University of Houston has two campuses within 10 miles of eachother) and it's in the heart of downtown Houston, hence the name University of Houston - Downtown. I must say that my initial impression of the downtown area is pretty nice. A lof of construction going on, but if you travel on any highway here you'll see miles of construction so at least they're sticking to a theme around here. Anyway, I finally got into four classes, fulfilling my status as a "Full Time Student" and I'm thinking about one more but I don't know what to get into because my major has yet to be declared. I'm thinking about Humanities, Art and Science, Interdisciplinary Studies, or Communications. I haven't quite found a class that I would want to squeeze into the mix and that will fit into the requirements I need to fill for the different degrees. I think I might just have to take Spanish 'cause there is a lot of fucking Spanish being thrown around and I want to know what they're talking about or at least how to order a goddam taco at a mexican restaurant.
We still have a few days until we move into the new place. The apartment hasn't been so bad yet, but the weekend is upon us and everyone is here to get in each other's way. We'll have to see how that goes. Probably won't post again until the 24 when we move in, or maybe a day or two after that. I'm not sure how fast we'll get hooked up with an internet connection down here.

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bennok said...

Glad you got in okay. It's too bad things are kind of stressful. That's moving I guess.
Yeah, moving from a city with practically no native spanish-speakers to a city like Houston ought to be a fairly big change. Spanish might be a really great idea.
Me, I'll take Japanese.