2 + 2 Still Equals 5

Class has started and I've been sucked back into the world of mathematics. A few years ago I thought I had rid myself of the terror known as Al Gebra, but that bastard came up and bit me on the ass. Not only that but I think it gave me rabies.
Luckily it's not that hard. I just have to take one more semester of finite math, a class I took back in high school (5 or 6 years ago!?!), and I should be done with this math crap. Unless I happen to make the stupid mistake of majoring in some area of business of course.

I've been watching TV while trying to write this and for the past few minutes I've been watching the first Cheers episode with Woody Harrelson in it replacing the character of Coach. This probably sounds weird because it has nothing to do with the above subject, but a few months ago while I was in my habit of staying up all night watching the sun rise and the go to bed I was watching a lot of Nick at Nite. I watched a lot of Cheers and I can see why this was such a highly rated show for so many years.

There really isn't too much to write about here. I was going to try and write about how odd it was for me to step into a classroom for a math class again after I thought I was done with it a few years ago, but I can't do it. Television has taken hold of me and is now comforting me with its comedic reruns. I'll try and write something worth reading someday. Probably when I'm not sitting in front of a TV.

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