The Kosmobile (For a Week)

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Since my car went into the shop Monday I had to get a car so I could make it to various appointments and do other meaningless crap the rest of the week. Just for the hell of it I asked for a rental car after the insurance company of the woman who hit me offered it. I've never gotten a rental car before, and it's a good excuse to drive someone else's car that you would normally never drive. Expecting to get a car similar to my own Altima imagine my shock when a Jaguar X 3.0 (I don't know the year and I don't even know what the "X 3.0" means, I'm not much of a car guy). I had actually gone to Enterprise to see if I could get the car before I had to turn in my Altime on Sunday, but they were closed. While I was there with my brother I happened to see a similar Jaguar sitting in a spot and I jokingly said to Keegan that I wanted that one. I think the only difference between the two is the color. As the papers were being signed the Enterprise employee was practically begging me to take the $15 dollar a day insurance coverage in case of an accident, but I passed 'cause I'm a badass driver and the only time my car gets dinged is when it's parked and some other jackass decides to hit it.I'm probably going to have to return it Friday, when the trusty Kosmobile is supposed to be returned to me, but I'm going to enjoy it while I can. I've been getting some funny looks from people as I cruise by. I bet they think I'm somebody important. Those fools.

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