It's About Damn Time!

The power in my house has just been returned! After close to 40 hours of no electricity and sour milk the AC kicked to life. If you remember Jason Lee's line in "Dogma" about air conditioning... you saw that movie. As a guy that likes to do things after the sun goes down I was stuck twiddling my thumbs because nothing was lit, nothing was open, and I wasn't tired. I did go out to Steak & Shake last night for a little nosh and watched a girl puke up the gum she swallowed back in 1990 when she was three. For some reason she was in the guys bathroom. Watching that taught me an important lesson: too much drinking leads to lots of puking which leads to no friends. If only I had known that earlier... At least I can pass it on to the youth of the world so they don't commit the same mistake as I did. Now I'm going to take a shower with a goddam light on!

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