One Day Is All It Took

Thursday morning my house was available for public viewing. It was the longest day ever. I had to be out of the house by 9am and then I was able to come home for two one hour intervals for the rest of the day until after my evening class ended at around 8pm. When I arrived home my mom was on the phone and it turns out we had three decent offers, all above the asking price. From what I've heard my dad botched the negotiations and just went to the highest bidder and tried to squeeze some more money from them instead of going back to the lower bidders and seeing if they'd raise and then continue the bidding war. Luckily the highest bidder didn't just walk away from that crap and the contract, I think, has been signed. Now the next thing is to find a place in Houston and get out of here by the closing date of August 16. I still haven't gotten word on where I'm going to school in the fall. Right now I'm just hoping that I can get accepted somewhere.

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Danny said...

Posting because I know you can't read this, Lights-less Lucy.