I've heard from two reliable sources that a friend of mine of swedish decent has gotten engaged. I don't know if the rumors are true since the person in question has not told me directly, but the sources are good. So congratulations from everybody here at "The Krap" if indeed this information is correct, and if not congratulations on staying single.
(Special thanks to B. Overkamp for the photo.)


Swedish Descent said...

SO much for telling people in person! I should have known -- I ran into this problem before with a certain Miss Bertie McLaren and should have known that the news is just too juicy to be kept a secret; the truth of the matter is that I AAAAAM indeeeed engaged to be married. I think Benn's the only important person who hasn't yet met Joe (am I correct?). Should Ben and Dan read this: I will call you next week. Especially Ben because he has called me numerous times in the past few weeks (mostly when I'm out of town ha) and I need to call him back. BRENDAN I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU TOMORROW. and benn. HA...marriage.

Kosmo said...

Don't worry, nobody reads this site so the secret is safe with me.