Good Times With Good Friends

Took a trip to Columbia for a day with Overkamp. Tried to spend as much time as I could with everyone I knew there, but too many things got in the way. None of these things were the individuals fault, the blame lies on me for making this spur of the moment trip. Weirdest thing was talking to Phatty J who I hadn't talked to in years and SEEING Chris-terious in the mall, where he still works after all these years. I'd like to thank Abbey for putting herself on the line to make it possible. Thanks Abbey. (Probably doesn't even know about this site) That chair I slept on was damn comfy. Wish I could have spent a lot more time with everybody.
When I got home I went over to my uncle's and had a damn good meal. We tried watching "Lawrence of Arabia" but was unaware of the length of it and only got to intermission, so don't tell me about the rest.
For a look at the trip click here. This is all courtesy of B. Overkamp's awesome photography.

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