My Birthday

So this is what I bought today with some cash I happened to get. I was also able to get this. That was probably the highlight of the day.
It started off with my idiot brother waking me up at 8am so he could watch a guy ride a bike for a couple of hours. A GUY RIDING A FUCKING BIKE! It's like watching somebody doing jazzersize. What's the point? Then I tried to go out to eat with my mom and sister, but right after we ordered our food she started whining about not feeling well and we had to go. Then I had to go to class. After that I waited around for a friend to call me back after her class so we could go get a drink at a bar only to have her call me and tell me she can't because of homework.
This day is like a model for my whole life. I think I'm doing one thing but because of circumstances I'm forced to do something else. Here's to another year. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

That doesn't sound like a bad day. It's too bad that girl had homework. I forget what I was going to write in this comment because I'm still watching the Jerk.

Kosmo said...

Maybe I've just been cranky all day from the little sleep I got.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're just experiencing what post 21 life is like. A lot of actions that don't always amount to something. Welcome to reality.