Hey Rest of America, Feel Free to Mess With Texas Now

Maybe just Houston. I don't know if the rest of Texas are shitting their pants in fear of cold weather. For the past few days news reports have carried nothing but the impending doom of an arctic burst of air that dropped high temps into the mid-30s. Tonight we are expected to get an inch of snow with some rain and sleet. Go just 50 miles north of Houston and this isn't news. This is winter.

Here's how ridiculous this bullshit it is, the mayor CLOSED the city of Houston for the morning. I'm not sure there's a school that will have class tomorrow. Lots of the local folks I know on FB don't have to go into work. I don't know if I'm working tomorrow or not yet, I have to call in the morning. I just saw on the news that one of the busier areas of downtown is virtually abandoned like the cars along Lakeshore Drive. Except that the cars are buried under feet of snow, and there hasn't been a drop of precipitation yet. I'm at home because I don't have a social life. So don't start pointing fingers and saying, "But Brendan, you aren't out either..." I didn't rush to the grocery store after work to stock up on supplies for ONE NIGHT. I hit up the liquor store for beer to enjoy while I sit outside waiting for the snow like a normal human being. Maybe not that normal.

So, next time you're in Houston and you meet a rough and tough, rootin' tootin' "cowboy" and they want to start some trouble, pick up an ice cube and torment them endlessly. But be wary of the concealed weapon they most likely have to protect themselves from terrorists like you.

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