It All Comes Down to This

Tomorrow I find out if I will be graduating. One more class period that will determine if I can go on to the next step, or I'll be forced to repeat this past semester. Obviously, I'm nervous.

I was having the same butterflies Sunday night that I'm experiencing now, but once it came to class they had dissipated. There's plenty of time to worry about what might happen and run through a hundred different scenarios. Then, for some reason I put it all out of my head once I'm there. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I can analyze the situation all I want, but it doesn't really prepare you for the actual event.

It's frustrating. There's a certain level of helplessness that comes to mind when facing situations that you put so much time into preparing for. Unless you're able to control every aspect of the situation, you just have to feel confident that things will go smoothly.

This is probably the last thing my teacher is trying to test us on. Early in the semester my teacher had told us that upon graduating we were supposed to be fit to run a company. Those positions come with immense responsibilities and pressure. It's kind of a difficult thing to gauge, but what better way than to threaten your students with the possibility of failure? It's the same in the real world. The only time we can see how an individual will perform under pressure is if something truly valuable is placed on the line. I can't blame him for creating this situation. Unless he actually fails me, of course.

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