Checklist for Adulthood

I'm 27, so yes I'm an adult. There were some things that I had thought as a kid that I would need to accomplish in order to consider myself one. I can't remember them all, but the list below is a pretty good indicator of what else the previous checklist may have included.

1. Able to grow a bitchin' beard.
2. Drive a car.
3. Have a credit card.
4. Know how to tie a necktie.
5. Buy a beer and like it.
6. Have a college degree.

I can now say that I've checked off those 6 things, and probably all of the other items my childhood checklist consisted of.

Yes, I received confirmation that I passed my class. The whole "getting fired" thing had me on edge, and at the end of class Wednesday we hadn't gotten any "yay" or "nay" from our teacher. We hadn't finished the entire "boardroom" meeting process that I mentioned a few posts prior, so we were curious as to whether any of our necks remained on the chopping block. So, I approached him after class and asked him bluntly, "Will there be any firings?"

My teacher just held out his hand and congratulated me. He was impressed with my final paper and the multiple pages of appendices, my answers during the "boardroom" process, and the presentation that I had to give. The presentation caught me off guard since word on the street is that only the top performing teams actually presented anything. I hadn't gone over it meticulously because of the false rumors. I soldiered through it though, and my teammates were happy with it.

Next comes the job search. Guess I'll have to start putting together a "Checklist for Retirement" now...

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