Mmm... Pie

I saw "Waitress" a few weeks ago on TV with my dad. It was pretty enjoyable. I couldn't connect with the main character, or much of the story, because I don't have ovaries, but it was still a funny movie. I'd recommend it to couples who are in a movie mood, but just can't figure out what to watch. He wants to watch something with a lot of explosions and liberal use of the word "Fuck," while she wants something that will get him in touch with his feminine side. I assume that's what women want men to feel when they ask to see "chick flicks."

This "chick flick" only made me sorry to have a penis a handful of times. It's not like some of them where, as I watch, I can sense a growing accumulation of estrogen in the air and if I don't remove myself from the room, I will be the victim of ritual castration. "Steel Magnolias" comes to mind as one of those films.

After watching "Waitress," the only thing I really wanted to do was bake a pie. Or find a place that I could find one of the pies that the main character created during the course of the film. Andy Griffith did a great job of making me desire a piece of pie as he described the way his entire week revolved around the day when a certain pie was available. I don't know if any other elderly actor could have done a comparable job with those lines.

So, guys, don't roll your eyes too much if your girlfriend or wife suggests "Waitress" as your movie night pick. You'll laugh, she may cry, but at the end you'll...

Crap, I seem to have lost my testicles.

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