I'll Be Cutting Back a Little

Classes for my final semester started yesterday. I've got one class that will be very work intensive and then a painting class that will take up more of my time while I'm on campus. I've got five different paintings that I need to do and since I haven't painted since high school, I'm not sure how that will go. The final project will be a self-portrait. Yikes. I'm looking forward to the challenge, even if my fears of having them all turn out to be crap come true.

You may be wondering why I failed to write anything Tuesday about the inauguration. I had a few thoughts that I wanted to go over, but I didn't want to take too much of my attention away from it. I've never watched an inauguration before. I was expecting it to be long, but didn't realize the major news channels would turn it into an all-day affair. I did happen to see some clips of Fox News and they decided to cover everything that the Bush's did before leaving and then after they arrived in Midland, TX. Way to cover history guys! I did enjoy how they claimed that people were waving and cheering as Bush's helicopter flew over the capital. Somehow, I don't think the folks on the ground were sharing the same sentiment that the corespondents at Fox News were feeling. I would have waved and cheered too, because the asshole's finally gone. I would have helped back them up. And I hate packing.

I am excited for the changes to come. I hope they can come about sooner than later. No Child Left Behind can't be left behind quickly enough, though.

I'm coming up on my 3ooth post!

Wow, Git-Mo is gone already! I just finished posting this when I saw an article about it. Say, "So long," to the Dick Cheney Memorial Torture Resort!

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